Otter Running

Over the last few years, I've been fortunate to join a friend's family's trips up to a hunting cabin in northern-central Pennsylvania. Without exaggeration, I anxiously await each trip I can make. Why? Well, for starters, it is super gratifying to spend a long weekend by closing the laptop, switching off the phone, and simply enjoy the great outdoors.

We made our way up to the cabin last Thursday afternoon. After getting settled in, the first beer was cracked on the porch (always satisfying) and the weekend was on! It is amazing how much time passes when you're surrounded by good company, isolated in the woods. The stars at night are brighter and you hear so much more of nature's finer details.

Friday morning started with fresh cup of coffee on the porch (also always satisfying) followed by the group breakfast. Later that day, we made our way down to a nearby creek for a weenie roast. Really, the whole day was spent leisurely as the "bigger" activities are typically scheduled for Saturday. Some people can't make it up to the cabin until Friday night and the outings are undoubtedly more fun when everybody can be included. 

Saturday morning came and we opened our door to decent weather. It was time to go kayaking! The river we paddled down was shared by competitive fisherman. Kayaks probably aren't the best accessory to catching fish, but still, we got a few smiles/nods and kept out of their way (for the most part).

Saturday nights are usually reserved for Cornhole, but in a tournament-style fashion (appropriately dubbed Cornaments). Don't worry, we kept the boards apart at regulation distance. We even had a bracket structure drawn up for the teams, expertly assembled. I didn't quite toss the sack as well as others did, but hey, it's all great fun. 

Sunday morning was spent lounging around, shooting some clay pigeons, and prepping for our departure.  

I already can't wait to the next trip!

Dennis SillerComment