Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2017

Chiang Mai has an old nickname as "The Rose of the North". So, it shouldn't come as a shock that there is an annual flower festival held in the city. The Flower Festival is one of three big festivals CM holds each year. Typically held each first weekend of February, this event marks the end of the "cool" season, both in climate terms and tourism. I wasn't able to find any information about an underlying celebratory cause for the festival, but that doesn't take away from the admirable beauty which made up the weekend.

Saturday is typically the "big" day for the festival, as the parade and "Miss Chiang Mai" competition kick off the festivities. The rest of the weekend seems to act as a fun, beautiful atmosphere to take in at a liesurely pace.

One of the hot spots to visit during the festival is Buak Hard Public Park. Not surprisingly, the already-charming public space is spruced up with lots of different floral arrangements. Altogether, the flowers, spouting fountains, and live music made for a nice relaxing Sunday spot.

Outside of the park, the street was occupied by parade floats. While it did remind me a bit of collegiate homecoming floats, a closer look reveals a massive distinction. All of these floats have arrangements of HUNDREDS of flowers. No cheap tissue paper here! It made me wonder how much time was put into the floats, on average, and how long before the festival were they ready? Surely, the flowers lose a bit of their life after being on the float for too long. Anyways, organic appreciation and a sense of awe struck me as soon as I saw the floats up close. 

Are there any festivals/parades you know of that centralize around this type of craftsmanship? Did you participate in the Chiang Mai Flower Festival? Drop a comment below!