Arrival in Chiang Mai

At this point in time, I cannot be more thankful to be out of the fuselage of an airplane and back into open spaces. A day and a half of traveling, 22 hours of flying, and a barely-understood taxi transaction are all it took to arrive at my destination, Varada Place in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Admittedly, I was a bit anxious about the arrival. A foreign country aside, my web research offered some considerations about the public transit options. Indeed cheaper than a cab fare in NYC, navigation to your destination differs as Thais rely mostly on landmarks (instead of addresses) to get around. However, I found myself fortunate in that my destination was a popular one for foreigners coming from the airport. (P.S. I would recommend looking at your hotel on Google Maps during your travel and screenshot its surrounding area. You may be dropped off on a nearby street and a small map can always prove useful)

Upon arriving at the hotel, the process was very simple and straight-forward. You must supply two items:

  1. Your Passport
  2. 100 Baht for key deposit (exchange cash at the airport!)

Another plus is that there are several places to grab a bit just steps from the hotel's entrance. Granted, it's mostly American food offerings but, hey, a little transition is good for ya, right?

Personally, I booked just 3 nights at Varada Place and I'm sticking to it. I came into Chiang Mai determined to find a more permanent housing solution quickly. The faster I get situated, the faster I can freely experience the area and learn its culture.

Curious about the rooms at Varada Place? Check out my video below.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Varada Place to incoming visitors of Chiang Mai. The place is clean, friendly, and in a great location; just outside of the Nimman area. 

Have a questions about my stay?  Did you also stay at Varada Place while you were in Chiang Mai? Post a comment below!